16:09 PM

The scandal of our local public schools

By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

School Sidecar.jpgThe Silicon Valley/Bay Area has some of the worst public schools in the country. This is a scandal for a region that prides itself as the global engine of innovation.

It's like having several rusting trucks parked on breeze blocks in your front yard.

Silicon Valley needs to take care of its local schools. Global companies cannot ignore the plight of their communities and we intend to play a significant role in changing the situation.

What if Craig Barrett, Intel's CEO, spent one half hour visiting a school each week? What if Steve Jobs popped into a local high school occasionally? Larry Ellison, get off your boat and into the schools. Meg Whitman, come on down. Carly, you've got time, come and inspire a new generation.

Did you know that Bill Gates, through his foundation, is doing more for our local schools than any of our local leaders?

Can you imagine the effect it would have on our communities if our rock star business leaders stepped up to the plate?

I'm fed up with hearing our local captains of industry harping on about the sorry state of education here in the US, yet not even bothering to poke their noses around the corner in their own communities. We will make sure they don't rest easy.