23:55 PM

The Problem With The Real-Time Web - No Google Juice

As people abandon blogs for the visceral thrill and trill of Twitter there is something that many might not have considered about the real-time web.

There is no Google juice.

By Google juice I mean the ranking that Google gives content. Google assesses the importance of content by the number of links to a site, how long that site has been around, and dozens of other factors.

Put them all together and that's how Google puts together its search results.

Everyone wants to be "above the fold" on that first screen of Google results. But Twitter or any other real-time platform such as Facebook status updates, or Friendfeed, won't get you there.

And with the real-time web, without a ranking system, you get lost in the noise, and the noise gets louder and louder with each day as more people (and marketeers) swarm onto the real-time web.

Why do you think that Robert Scoble said he was toning down his real-time web activities and returning to blogging, a few weeks back? Scobleizer Traffic Plunge - The Real-Time Web Can Be Bad For Your Blog

You've got to do both. If you abandon your static web presence for your real-time activities you will find it harder to build your overall social media capital, imho.

[BTW, the Google juice factor is how Google can easily control competition from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, etc. Those services don't have a good ranking system, at least not yet.]

Doing both raises the amount of time you have to spend on publishing. But that's just the way things are.