11:48 AM

The party Prince Harry should attend this weekend

by Doug Millison for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

The must-attend party in Greater Silicon Valley this coming weekend... here's the invite as I received it (with the addition of links to the web pages mentioned):

The Fascist Party

Saturday, January 29 2005

@ An historic SoMa building;

indoor parking available.

Location disclosed day of event

@ http://www.fascistparty.us


21+ $15

Though we don't approve of Fascism as the preferred route our Government is taking, we cannot deny the Fascist sense of style...

Polish your boots and metal and attend the ball as if it were Nuremberg 1933. You might run into our despised dictator celebrating at the martini bar and discussing Laibach.

9:00 pm Gallery of Video art by propaganda visionaries:

VJ Culture, Videojon, Romeo Alpha, Marlon McKenney

Complimentary wine served.

10:00 pm Performances by:

Infinite Kaos

Extra Sensory Projection (Live Audio/Video)


11:00 pm The Dictator Fascion Show.

Designs by:

FierceCouture - www.fiercecouture.com

Laura Dawson - www.lauradawson.com

Jason Evege - www.evegestudio.com

Appearances by your favorite dictators and the unveiling of the latest

must-have Fascist accessory!

Presented by The Princess Kennedy

12:00 am Party with DJs:

- IKAMYO [Infinite Kaos]

- Adnan [Lush]

- Alaric [Video Salon]

- Electro/Breaks and a dose of German Industrial]



What's the story? Doug Millison also edits OnlineJournalist.org, "on a need-to-know basis"