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The Man Who Broke the Telco Cartel . . . and Bridged the Global "Voice Divide"

Pat Phelan and his company Cubic Telecom are coming out of stealth mode this week with a killer service that will break the back of the Telco Cartel.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr Phelan on Friday evening. I can't talk about the details of Cubic's launch but I can say that I'm extremely impressed with Mr Phelan and his startup. It will break the Telco Cartel and about time too.

My readers know that I'm no fan of the Telco Cartel. How is it that over the past ten years that the Telcos have managed to increase my telco bills while investing in technologies that have dramatically decreased the cost of telecommunications services of all types?

Much is spoken about the "digital divide" but we still have a global "voice divide" where making an affordable voice call is beyond the means of most of the world's population.

Cubic has a wonderful voice and data solution that captures the cost savings and gives them back to the user. I will write more when the service launches later this week.

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Pat Phelan's blog: Roam4free - Notes from the edge of telecoms

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