07:44 AM

The iPhone triggered smart phone avalanche

Industry analysts estimate that Apple probably sold at least 500,000 iPhones in the first two days of launch. It could sell as many as 10m iPhones this year.

The first buyers are mostly the early adopters which means that their Treos, Blackberries, BlackJacks, etc will be passed onto their colleagues, family members, and friends.

Which means that Apple just upgraded a huge section of the cell phone market to smart phones. Which means market opportunities for many mobile services companies that were not there before.

You've got to hand it to Apple and Steve Jobs...

BTW, where is MSFT?! Bill Gates is leaving and I don't blame him. But I am shocked. MSFT is facing the biggest challenges to its future since the DOJ investigations and its founder and leading evangelist is off to save the world. (Which is probably more achievable than saving Microsoft, imho.)