08:40 AM

The Incredible Shrinking Google Index . . . What's Going On - Bing is Much Larger

Occasionally, I will Google myself just to see what content others are linking to and what they are saying. But lately I've noticed that my citations in Google are shrinking. I'm producing ever more content, but Google is finding fewer references.

Let me give you a point of comparison. On March 3 2009 I wrote: Internet Myth: Watch What You Post Because Search Will Reveal Everything Forever.

At that time I Googled "Tom Foremski" and it came up with a search result of 135,000 pages in Google's index.

Today, I did the same, and came up with 102,000 pages in Google's index.

I tried Bing and got 157,000 results.

What's going on? Has Google run out of room? Is it deleting older content from its index? It's grown smaller by almost 25 per cent, at least when it comes to my content. At this rate, by the end of this year it's index will be half the size it was in March.

Is it just me? I've no other points of comparison. Let me know if you've noticed something similar.