15:46 PM

The Holy Grail Of SEO: Google Instant's Alphabet - A is for Amazon... B is for Best Buy ...C is for Craigslist...

The Google "Instant" team showed off one-touch search. Othar Hansson, a senior Google engineer, demonstrated (twice) how typing the letter "W" gave "weather in San Francisco" as the first result.

Being a brand that is called up by Google Instant on the very first letter is now the height of search engine optimization (SEO). I took a look at what came up for each letter. Results will vary somewhat by your location.

A is for ... Amazon, AOL, Apple, ATT.

B is for ... BART, Bank of America, Best Buy, Bing.

C is for ... Craigslist, Costco, CNN, Chase.

D is for ... DMV, Dictionary, Droid X, Disneyland.

E is for ... Ebay, ESPN, Expedia, Evite.

F is for ... Facebook, Facebook login, Fandango, FIFA.

G is for ... Gmail, Google maps, Google, Great America.

H is for ... Hotmail, Hulu, Home Depot, HP.

I is for ... Iphone, Ikea, Inception, IMDB.

J is for ... Jet Blue, Jeremy Lin, Jamba Juice, Java.

K is for ... Kaiser, KTUV, Kayak, Kohls.

L is for ... Lowes, Lost, LinkedIn, Limewire.

M is for ... Mapquest, Myspace, MSN, Maps.

N is for ... Netflix, Nordstrom, NBA, News.

O is for ...Outsidelands, Orbitz, OSH, Office Depot.

P is for ... Pandora, PG&E, Paypal, Petco.

Q is for ... Quotes, QVC, Quicktime, Quinoa.

R is for ... REI, Ross, Redfin, Rosh Hashanah.

S is for ... Skype, SFGate, Sears, Southwest.

T is for ... Target, Twitter, Thesaurus, Travelocity.

U is for ... USPS, UPS, United Airlines, Utube.

V is for ... Verizon, Virgin America, VLC, Verizon Wireless.

W is for ... Weather, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Wikipedia.

X is for ... Xbox, XKCD, XM Radio, Xfinity.

Y is for ... Yahoo, Youtube, Yahoo Mail, Yelp.

Z is for ... Zillow, Zappos, Zipcodes, Zynga.

If you can get your brand into the one-letter list you are golden. This is now the holy grail of SEO.