06:18 AM

The Google database is an attempt to accumulate a massive amount of content for free--just as the balance of power is shifting towards content owners

. . . the Google database will devalue all content

GOOG is devaluing the value of content by insisting the only value is in aggregation. People dump content or free into GOOGbase, but GOOG monetizes the index.

That's like saying the value of a book is in its index, not the content it points to.

That used to be the case on the internet because we couldn't figure out the business models online. But we are figuring that out--and that is not good if you are just an index. The balance is shifting to the content-owners, because search and scraping is easy to do and thus of little value. Creating content is hard, but the human labor expended results in something of value.

Dumping content into the GOOGbase and making it free devalues the labor of people and rewards machine-based content production: Google's index pages. imho.