16:34 PM

The Dead Horse Business Model...

A man is driving through the countryside and he comes across a horse farm. He stops, and is captivated, he ends up buying a horse for $1,000.

He tells the farmer he'll be back next week to pick up the horse. But when he arrives, the horse is dead.

The farmer refuses to give him back his money. The man drives off with a dead horse in his trailer.

Several months later, the farmer spots the man. He is surprised when the man runs over to greet him, and pumps his hand, and thanks him for the horse.

"I made a lot of money from selling that horse," he tells the farmer. "I created a lottery for people to win a horse. I sold 2,000 tickets for $2 each."

"But weren't people upset when they found out they had won a dead horse?"

"Well, yes. One guy was upset, but I gave him his money back."


[Hat tip Dani]