11:20 AM

The Automation Of Jobs And The Beach...

About a year or more ago I was at an event that featured a panel of top Artificial Intelligence  (AI) experts. It was held at SRI International — Silicon Valley’s famous and at times, infamous research institute— responsible for the spun-out Nuance voice recognition software used in Siri and other responsive voice-apps. 

During question time several people voiced concern for AI replacing their jobs.  I raised my hand and told the panel I was also concerned: I was worried my job wouldn’t be automated. 

The panel was confused. I explained: “What if my job isn’t automated and I still have to go to work while my friends are all at the beach?”

They asked me about my job. I said I worked as a reporter. Oh, nothing to worry about, they happily assured me. “We already have software that rewrites press releases,” one of the panelists told me.

I said thanks! But reporters sometimes do more than just rewrite press releases. (I was more than a little shocked by their view of the reporters role.)

I was reminded of that SRI panel by this infographic sent to me earlier today. It seemed like a way to jumpstart automating your job and get to the beach faster :)