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The 4 Hour-A-Week Startup

Being an entrepreneur is hard work but it needn't be time consuming. Last November I met with Timothy Ferriss (Just Say No To Our Digital Leashes) who is a successful entrepreneur and an advocate of a life style that features a 4 hour work week.

Is it possible? Probably. I've bumped into Mr Ferriss at plenty of parties and events since then, and he always looks relaxed and prosperous.

His book, "The 4-Hour Workweek"  launched this week and is already at #10 on Amazon.

Here is a brief description from Mr Ferriss:

Based largely on guest lectures I've given at Princeton since 2003 (high-tech entrepreneurship), it explains how I tested the extremes of outsourcing and automating life in a digital world over the last two years: virtualizing my businesses 100%, checking e-mail once every 10-14 days, even offshoring my online dating as a social experiment. It also includes case studies of people who have found similar "lifehacks" in more than 20 countries.

A 4-hour work week means local entrepreneurs could probably run 20 startups apiece. It could be a tremendous productivity boost to Silicon Valley's innovation (and disruption!)

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