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The 2014 Europas Awards: The Best European Tech Startups - Soundcloud Wins Again


In 2009 I attended The Europas Awards in London (above), celebrating the best European tech startups. It was a very boozy, rowdy, and fun event presented by Mike Butcher, Editor of Techcrunch Europe.

I couldn't make it this year but I'm sure that the 2014 awards very much the same in tone and booze. Mike Butcher was the MC, and even one of the winners was the same: Soundcloud. The other 2014 Europas winners included: FoodPanda, Babbel, Startup Bootcamp, Brainient, Supercell, EyeEm, GoCardless, DataSift, Petcube, BlaBlaCar, BigHealth, ZenMate, Bitstamp, Hailo, Evrythng, Swiftkey, FarFetch, CodeClub, Index Ventures, and Telegram.

[At the time of writing I found no US coverage of today's Europas Awards, not even at Techcrunch. I scooped the US press. It shows how little interest there is in European startups.]

The above video captures some of the boisterous nature of the Europas, it's nothing like the sedate US "Crunchies" startup awards. I shot it during a week-long Traveling Geeks trip to London and Cambridge in July 2009.

It's a little pixelated at first but settles down quickly. You'll see plenty of familiar faces, such as Craigslist's Craig Newmark, Robert Scoble, Rocky Barbanica, Sarah Lacy, Paul Carr. You'll see a young(er) Hermione Way interviewing me, and also European entrepreneurs Alexander Ljung, founder of Soundcloud; and Mathys von Abbe, founder of Dutch startup Moby Picture.

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