13:48 PM

Ten things I learned in 2005. . .

. . .in no particular order of importance.

Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

1-Blogging is the most honest form of self-promotion bar none because if you can't walk the talk you won't get the clicks.

2-Content will be king because all those links have to point to something of value--otherwise they are pointless.

3-Every company is part media company--it is both publisher and publication and tells stories all the time.

4-Every startup company should be able to say what it does in 20 seconds--not 20 minutes.

5-The old media is dying much faster than I expected.

6-Attention deficit disorder is affecting all age groups--especially those that spend more time online.

7-The more that I write the more authentic I become online and offline.

8-Blogging represents the next big thing: the two-way communications media technologies that characterize Internet 2.0.

9-I can communicate more with fewer words.

10-I learned a heck of a lot more than ten things...more to come in 2006 :-)