09:33 AM

Tempting Techies Out Of Their Citadels - New Friday Night Market

Twitter 105

There's a new mid-Market Street event starting Friday (Sept. 5) at 4pm across from Twitter's HQ (above). It might tempt the thousands of techies in the neighborhood (not just Twitter) to venture out and explore their neighborhood. They spend all day inside a free-food and free apartment cleaning paradise and only have to brave the tough world of San Francisco's poorest neighborhood for brief moments when arriving and leaving work. 

This Friday event might encourage exploration and new neighborhood connections. InsideScoop SF reports:

Friday Night Market will feature 11 food trucks (see below for the first week's list), live music, and a rotating lineup of 45+ local vendors selling wares like jewelry, packaged food, apparel and vintage furniture. There will also be a beer garden serving beer, wine and cocktails; ID will be required to get a booze-approved bracelet. This week's featured music act will be Petaluma's Highway Poets.


I'm very much in favor of anything that helps to integrate our tech community with the rest of San Francisco. Techies can help solve city problems.

Police have been keeping the homeless away from the sidewalk outside Twitter HQ but that's a bad idea. That sharp smell of urine in the early morning will wake the innovation centers in their brains and they'll come up with a solution, maybe an app to help the helpless. But if techies don't see a problem they won't see the solution. Integrate -- don't segregate.