14:12 PM

TEDxSF: The Challenge Of Healthcare For 7 Billion

'X' marks the spot for TEDxSF at the Mission Bay Conference Center.

The TEDxSF events are among the best of the best TEDx regional events in the country. It's a tremendous amount of work for the organizers, such as Christine Mason McCaull, which is her ninth (and final) TEDx, but its tremendous value for the hundreds that attend.

The event was held at the visually stunning UC Mission Bay conference center, with the theme "7 Billion Well."

The day was filled to the brim with excellent speakers, here are some of them.

A few photos from the event:

The incredible force of nature that is Christine Mason McCaull, organizer extraordinaire.

Hermione Way.

Lauren Lee Anderson and Taylor Milsal

An Indian Mystic... pay attention to your inner TED talk.

Renee Blodgett, WeBlogtheWorld.com

More photos.