02:24 AM

TEDxGoldenGatePark 'Pursuit of Passion' Is Tommorow

I'm heading over to the wonderful De Young Museum Wednesday morning for TEDxGoldenGatePark in the Koret Auditorium.

There will be 12 speakers presenting and three breakout sessions to engage with the attendees with the theme: The Pursuit of Passion.

This one day event focuses on the fire that drives people to pursue their passion. It is about the resolve one finds within themselves to follow their heart and intuition even when faced with challeges, rejection, lack of support, or even outright failure. It is about identifying and connecting with your true passion in a sustainable and meaningful way.

In addition to the talks, there is time between sessions to debrief and discuss what you are taking away from each talk with other attendees and professionals.

The lead organizers/curators are Darius John Mirshahzadeh and Daniel Newhall.

"Darius moved to San Francisco to become a stock trader in the financial district in September 2001. After realizing he had made a wrong turn he soon linked up with new friend and future business partner Dan Newhall and began a plethora of entrepreneurial enterprises ranging from night club promotion to magazine publications.

Soon there after Darius fell into mortgage banking working for a small company in Marin, CA. By January 2004 he formed a mortgage company with his twin brother called Twin Capital Mortgage. Twin Capital Mortgage was honored as the 40th fasted growing company in the USA in the 2007 Inc. 500."

"Dan Newhall came to San Francisco in 2001 with a professor from Williams College to continue his research in the field of psychology, specifically a stereotyping phenomenon called Stereotype Threat. After completing his Masters, he worked in the legal world and promoted dance parties with his friend and fellow entrepreneur, Darius Mirshahzadeh.

In his mid-twenties Dan decided that the corporate world was a bore and moved to Guatemala for a year to study Spanish and travel around Central America. Upon his return to the States he decided to get into the startup game, at which time he began working at NCompass Recruiting, which he ultimately bought and continues to own and operate."

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