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TechOne: Mobile Devices for Office 2.0 workers; Interview with Starbucks CEO; Build your own YouTube

&tOffice 2.0: What types of mobile devices?

A panel discussion on what types of devices are needed by mobile workers. How many devices are needed? What types of formats? The panel was moderated by Oliver Starr, analyst at, Guidewire Group; T.J. Kang, CEO, ThinkFree; Jerry Kurtze, Ecosystem Enabling Manager, Intel; Arthur Lin, chief technology officer, Nokia; and Dennis Moore, CEO OQO.

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz

Steven Rosenbaum, CEO of Magnify.net, explains how anyone who has a Website or wants to build one can have their own YouTube-like video channel almost overnight.

(Tom Foremski is Executive Editor of TechOne)