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Swedes Come To Silicon Valley

Fourteen Swedish startups are in Silicon Valley this week as part of a trip organized by Invest In Sweden.

On Monday they met with 15 top VC firms that included Atrium Capital, Advanced Technology Ventures, California Technology Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Plus representatives from strategic investors Applied Materials, General Electric, Intel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and SAP Ventures.

Over the past five years Swedish VCs have funded more than 800 startups and achieved 100 exits. Sweden has a population of Just 9m.

The startups on this trip include clean tech companies and social networks, gaming, and encryption. The long nights facilitate development teams.

"Coming from a northern latitude, Swedish entrepreneurs cherish every moment of sunlight. Naturally many unique ideas on harnessing and preserving solar power originate in Sweden," said Tony Svensson, Executive Director of ISA North America.

"Sweden has the lowest CO2 emission of any country in Europe. We organize this conference to bring some enabling technologies to a broader audience, as we learn from and partner with the most experienced investment professionals in the world."

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Additional Info: Invest In Sweden Agency

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