14:06 PM

Sun's Latest Microprocessor Impresses Analysts

I recently spoke with Nathan Brookwood from Insight64 and Clay Ryder from Sageza Group about Sun's latest server microprocessor, UltraSPARC T2.

It's an impressive chip and gives Sun an edge for the first time in years. And it shows that investing in your own microprocessor development can potentially pay big dividends.

Rival Hewlett-Packard switched to Intel's Itanium several years ago, and dropped its PA-RISC microprocessor. Although some of the HP technology has been incorporated into Itanium because of the close collaboration between HP and Intel, future development has been outsourced to Intel.

Sun, however, continued to develop its SPARC chips despite the costs and pressure to do the same as HP. Now it seems that Sun's strategy could pay off in driving server sales and also in markets such as storage, networking, and consumer applications.