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SumOfUs Petitions Google To Quit Shadowy Trade Group

On Monday, SumOfUs.org, an advocacy group, will deliver a petition of more than 270,000 signatures of Google users to Google's headquarters in Mountain View, requesting that it, and other large tech firms, quit their membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - a trade group which it says has supported SOPA and taken stands against Internet freedom and democratic processes.

A plane will also fly an aerial banner "Google: Quit the Chamber" over the Googleplex campus at noon.

SumOfUs.org claims that the Chamber acts as a proxy for large corporations and that it plans to spend $100 million influencing the November elections.

From SumOfUs.org:

Three years ago, Apple quit over the Chamber's die-hard opposition to any climate legislation and Nike quit the executive committee. After the Chamber took a stand against internet freedom and backed SOPA and PIPA, Yahoo quit, and Google let it be known that it was considering leaving as well.

So put Google, Pepsi, Microsoft, IBM, and other corporations on notice: tell them to save their reputations and get out of the Chamber.

Google, Pepsi, et al: Quit the Chamber. It wants to buy the election. | SumOfUs

The web site www.GoogleQuitTheChamber.org has gathered more than 800,000 signatures and asks people to pick the top reason Google should quit the group. The top reason will be announced later today.