01:37 AM

Strumpette Editor Resigns - Changing PR?

Amanda Chapel, the nom de plume of the managing editor of Strumpette, a site that seeks to change the way PR has been done by exposing many of the inside tricks and ethical issues, has resigned.

Practically speaking, I fought the good fight. I've variously made my points. Together, we've exposed a few frauds and killed countless sacred cows. Together, we've done something PR professor Bill Sledzik describes as "historic." A little hyperbole perhaps but I do know we have made it safer to rail against the hypocrisy in our business.

BUT now I am tired; and now regrettably, I seem to spend all my time revisiting the same battles previously won.


Foremski's Take: PR won't change until it has to. Until it feels the economic pain. Media is changing because its economic model is changing and it is painful to stay the same. PR doesn't have the same pain. New media and social media are options, and not considered necessary, along with changing the ethics of the business.

No change because no pain, imho.