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Steve Jobs: Silicon Valley's Babe Ruth

Steve Jobs is easily Silicon Valley's Babe Ruth. No one has hit more balls out of the ballpark than Mr Jobs. His leadership at Apple has reinvented the company several times, and launched massive new businesses that continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Apple shareholders have done very well, better than shareholders in Google. And now Apple is valued higher than IBM.

John Murrell over at "Good Morning Silicon Valley" writes:

So it must have been with an exhilarating sense of satisfaction that Steve Jobs and the Apple brass watched another dazzling set of quarterly financials push the company’s stock price up to around $187 a share today, vaulting Apple's market cap past IBM's by about $6 billion.

And while Google-watchers go gaga over its soaring share price (see "A six-letter word for bubble? Try gasbag"), note that an investor who bought Apple on the same day Google stock debuted in 2004 would have, as of the close of market yesterday, made 40 percent more than if the same money had been put into the search sovereign's shares.

From: Apple now bigger than Big Brother

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