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Steve Jobs Should Give Free G3 iPhones To Apple FANs IMHO

I recently wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs (Silicon Valley's Babe Ruth) that he should set up a First Adopter Network (FAN) program to reward loyal customers first. Otherwise someone else will grab this valuable early adopter demographic.

Dear Mr Jobs,

I’ve had my iPhone since day dot–the day it came out. It is from the Palo Alto Apple store, you and your wife were there, and so were a hundred odd-people that had waited outside all night.

I’ve had a Macintosh since year dot. I used one with a laser printer to layout and publish a newspaper in the Haight/Ashbury from 1987 to 1989. I’ve used PCs too but I’ve always had a Macintosh and in the past year I’m back on Mac so that I can do video editing.

Loyal Apple customers have been your strongest evangelists. And they usually pay top dollar for Apple products when they first come out. Yet they also have to put up with lots of criticism from non-Apple users, being called zealots, fanboys, etc. . . .

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