09:12 AM

Stellar Lineup For Churchill Club's WikiLeaks Panel

This will be very interesting: on Wednesday Silicon Valley's Churchill Club is hosting:

WikiLeaks: Why it Matters. Why it Doesn't?

A stellar panel:

- Daniel Ellsberg, Former State and Defense Dept. Official prosecuted for releasing the Pentagon Papers.

- Clay Shirky, Independent Internet Professional; Adjunct Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University.

- Neville Roy Singham, Founder and Chairman, ThoughtWorks.

- Peter Thiel, President, Clarium Capital; Managing Partner, Founder's Fund.

- Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law and Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University; Co-founder, Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Moderator: Paul Jay, CEO and Senior Editor, The Real News Network.

More info.

I'd be there if I wasn't speaking at the San Francisco Bloggers Club [on 25 years of writing tips]. Send me a guest post if you go.