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Startup Grind Conference 2014 Is Selling Out - Great Speakers

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Startup Grind 2014 Conference is coming up next week February 3-5. It was sold out last year as 1,200 founders took part in an intense, and highly participatory educational program on how to run a startup. 

This year the speaker list is even better. And the networking is better, too.

We've been promised some of the last tickets, along with a 15% discount.

The best value is the $600 co-founder ticket deal - bring your business partner. Don't dally. I'll see you at the Computer History Museum next week.


In less than two years, Startup Grind CEO Derek Anderson has built a chain of worldwide events and local chapters, focused on teaching entrepreneurism, as taught by entrepreneurs.

Startup Grind 2014 kicks off Monday evening at 6pm with my favorite SoCal VC Mark Suster interviewing Ben Horowitz.

I hope Suster asks him about the value of aggressive PR for VC firms. Shouldn't they promote their startups instead of themselves?

[See: Meet Silicon Valley's Top VC Publicist...]

Tuesday morning Jeff Clavier, one of my favorite Silicon Valley Super-Angels, talks with Fitbit founder James Park.

I hope Clavier tells him about my hot idea: fitbit walkers. They are like dog walkers but they walk your fitbit around town -- so at least you look good on paper. Your insurance company will love you.

Here's a small selection of what's on offer at Startup Grind 2014.

- Fireside Chat
George Zachary, Charles River Ventures
Derek Andersen, Founder & CEO, Startup Grind

Getting From Angel to Series A and Beyond: How Startups Are Getting Funded
Kirsten Green, founder, Forerunner Ventures
Lee Blaylock, Startup Grind Dallas; Joy Randels, Startup Grind Tampa

30-Company: How Intuit Began, Survived, And Thrives 30-Years Later
Scott Cook, Intuit
Harry McCraken, Time Magazine

Acquisitions & Valuations from a CEO perspective
The man behind a mega cloud-based HR company shares first hand experience with startup valuation and the complex acquisition process.
Burton Goldfield, President & CEO, TriNet
Perri Gorman, founder & CEO, Archively

Shooting for the Moon: How Google [x] Sees The World
Megan Smith, Google [x]

The Evolving Entrepreneurial Journey
Mary Grove, Director of Global Entrepreneurship Outreach, Google for Entrepreneurs
MC Hammer
Reid Hoffman, Partner, Greylock; Co-founder, LinkedIn
Greg Tseng, Co-founder & CEO, Tagged


Growth Hacking and Analytical Marketing
Dave McClure, founding partner, 500 Startups

Reinventing the Enterprise Software Business Model
Jay Simons, President, Atlassian

Crowd Funding The Future: How Your Product Can Win The Crowd's Wallets
Danae Ringelmann, Co-founder, Indiegogo

Incubating Startups: What TechStars Has Learned In The Past Eight Years
David Cohen, Founder, CEO and Managing Partner, Techstars
Derek Andersen, founder & CEO, Startup Grind

Ecommerce Unplugged: Build A Business Way Beyond Flash Sales
Alison Pincus, Co-founder, One King's Lane
Colleen Taylor, TechCrunch

Twitter: From 4 Employees to IPO
Jason Goldman & Anamitra Banerji; Foundation Capital

Fireside Chat
David Eun, Samsung Open Innovation Center
Jason Calacanis

The Ideal Y-Combinator Applicant (cir 2014)
Jessica Livingston, Co-founder, Y Combinator

Some of the last tickets are here:  The $600 co-founder deal is the best.