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St. Louis Spirit: Bud Albers Is Chief Angel And Mentor

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Bud Albers, former Disney CTO, angel investor and CEO of ClickWithMeNow.

My first meeting in St. Louis also turned out to be one of my favorite interviews,  with Bud Albers, a veteran of many large corporations and mentor to many local startups.

Albers was CTO at Walt Disney and was responsible for many innovative implementations of technologies across nearly all of Disney's brands, pioneering online, mobile and gaming applications. He also held senior positions at Drugstore.com and Getty Images.

We spoke about the challenges that large organizations face, mostly internal obstacles, to implementing the latest technologies and automating complex business processes. 

Albers has spent several years advising local startups and making investments. He recently took on the CEO role at Click With Me Now, and helped raise $2.25m from private investors. The startup has a unique technology that allows users to share a web session with others. It has many enterprise uses, such as in service call centers, healthcare, and more. 

"I couldn't resist the opportunity to build another company. Click Me Now has a great technology and I know how to make it successful." 

Click With Me Now, Inc. | The Easiest & Safest Way to Share the Web!

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