04:13 AM

SponsorWatch: Intel shows off new "Caneland" server platform

Over on the Intel blog (http://blogs.intel.com/views/ ):

Kirk Skaugen, Intel vice president and Co-General Manager of the Server Products Group at Intel announced information about Intel’s new MP server platform Codenamed ‘Caneland’.

* Caneland is Intel’s new Xeon MP platform. It is composed of the ‘Clarksboro’ chipset and the ‘Tigerton’ processor.

* The earnings call last week saw double-digit growth in servers, both units and revenue. Both year-year and quarter on quarter.

* Quad-core has already ramped with over 1 Million shipped in volume servers

* The Caneland platform is tracking extremely well towards launch his quarter.

The main points of new information that Kirk disclosed in the 6 min video:

- The Tigerton CPU family’s brand name is the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 7300 series. Clarksboro is the Intel® 7300 chipset.

- The product itself is looking great – we’re seeing the benefits of the Intel Core® microarchitecture and Quad-Core showing up in our initial performance tests:

- Up to 2X the performance over our current generation (Dual-Core Intel Xeon 7100 processor series)

- Over 2X the performance per watt vs. Intel Xeon 7100 series – with 50W low voltage version available - we expect to see new MP blade and high-density servers

- The fastest version of the CPU will be available in volume production running at 2.93GHz

- We are looking forward to an exciting launch and expecting many announcements from our partners on OEM system availability and solutions announcements around virtualization and scalable performance very soon.

- We are already in production and began shipping volumes of the Intel® Xeon® processor 7300 series (Tigerton) and Intel® 7300 Chipset (Clarksboro) to our OEM customers in June.

- We also began shipping seed systems into end-users to begin their pre-qualifications in June

- This platform is the fastest design to production execution of an MP server platform in Intel’s history.