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SponsorWatch: Intel Launches Modding Competition - Pimp Your PC!

Intel is challenging modders (hobbyists who alter the standard PC) to show off their creative skills in building Intel processor-based mods for an online competition. Intel delivers the unrivaled performance and energy efficient processors that modders can then build just about anything from, including an 18-wheeler Mac truck. Get a glimpse at these creations and vote on your favorite one by visiting the Intel Modding Competition Group on Channel Intel. Check out the contest


Now that you can stick a high performance PC in just about anything, I wonder what there is out there that you can't stick a high performance PC into? It would be interesting to see a category of modds that would be unbelievable. Such as a plate of Jello?! You'd certainly need a low-power chip for that one...

Or take advantage of the power dissipation and create a PC that also toasts Pop-Tarts...!

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