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SponsorWatch: Intel in Beijing...Tibco in San Francisco...Cohn & Wolfe Blog

[I should write about my loyal and very patient sponsors more often, my apologies! They make it possible for me to do what I do, which I enjoy tremendously. They are my co-pioneers in this emerging new media world.]

Intel says that more than 5,000 people turned up to its recent Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing.

It was the largest so far for Intel, and will probably get larger because of the size of the domestic market and the growing number of developers in Asia.

I'd love to go to Beijing, one of these days. If you missed IDF in Beijing...here's a foot tapping 5 minute video from Podtech.net (an SVW content partner):

Keynotes and webcasts from IDF Beijing:

See all the coverage from PodTech.net:

Next Intel Developer Forum is in San Francisco September 18 to 20.

Also, Intel blogs: Technology@Intel

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Tibco User Conference This Week...

Tibco has its user conference in San Francisco this week. It works with some very large companies and what it does is not easy. Integrating IT systems and automating business processes is "heavy lifting" and hugely important for any company--if you do it right.

The World's Largest Gathering of TIBCO Users

Some of the speakers:

  • Merrill Lynch Head of Global Infrastructure Solutions to Address TIBCO User Conference
  • TIBCO Kicks Off Annual User Conference with Record Number of Attendees
  • TIBCO User Conference to Feature Keynote Address by HP CEO Mark Hurd
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    Cohn & Wolfe's  Boomerang Blog

    The Cohn & Wolfe office in San Francisco recently began blogging, which is a good thing, because it takes a little while to find your voice. It's a very nice looking blog but posts are not yet very regular, that will come in time.

    Tony Obregon wrote the most recent post, dated April 13th:  Boomerang » Blog Archive » For Your Listening Pleasure, about the agency's new green practice.

    It's OK to start cautiously, the important thing is to start :-)

    When people ask me to recommend PR companies that have expertise in social media I have a few favorites but I tell them to look to see if an agency has a blog and bloggers because that is the single most important marker.

    And check on the blog's Technorati/Alexa rank too. The rank doesn't have to be high but it will show if it is consistently relevant within its community, and if its community has noticed.

    Basically, if a PR company isn't using social media to represent itself then how can it do the same for its clients? It can't.

    Yet there are lots of PR companies out there that claim such expertise but seem to have invisible bloggers.

    It's not easy to blog, it takes guts--but that's good because it becomes a competitive barrier to entry.

    Actually, you need guts and cojones, especially in the snippy world of PR companies, where there are many that love to leave snarky comments, but few willing to use their real names, which is very cowardly imho.

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