02:18 PM

Soonr: How to make (almost) free cell phone calls to anywhere...

Soonr, a startup that gives you access to your PC applications from any cell phone, recently introduced a cool way to use Skype to make extremely cheap international calls on your cell phone, and also very cheap domestic calls--if you have the right calling plan.

I got a briefing on it last week from Soonr CEO Martin Frid-Nielsen: you download a little app onto your PC then using your cell phone you use Skype on your PC to place a telephone call. Within a few seconds, you get a Skype incoming call to your cell phone connecting you and your target phone number. In this way, you can make international calls on your cell phone for pennies instead of the 40 cents and above rates your cell phone network charges.

In my case, it is even cheaper because I get free incoming minutes on my Sprint calling plan, which means I'm not using up my monthly minutes.

But won't the cell phone companies get a bit upset with this, I asked? "Most people will be using up their monthly minutes, so it helps to drive their revenues," says Mr Frid-Nielsen. Check it out here, it's free. http://www.soonr.com/

More from Soonr release:

SoonR Talk works with a person’s PC like a switchboard to set up their calls. Users simply click on the buddy they wish to talk with and SoonR Talk tells their PC to call their mobile phone using SkypeOut, then instructs Skype to call the buddy and places the user into a conference. SoonR Talk can even create calls with multiple users from the mobile phone. Just like on the PC, SoonR Talk shows which buddies are online and if they are not there, a user can IM them so they can see the message the next time they are using Skype. SoonR Talk fully supports Skype chat.

SoonR Talk is the latest offering in SoonR’s line of services that delivers the power of a person’s PC to their mobile phone. Other SoonR service features include SoonR Desktop, that lets people search and access the files on their PC desktop and SoonR Organizer, that lets people check their Outlook email, calendar and contacts – on any mobile phone with a browser, without the need for synchronization or installing software on the phone.