11:43 AM

Sony clarifies online strategy and "iTunes for Hollywood" position and video mashups....

[From Steve Banfield, senior vice president at Sony Connect, the online music store in response to our recent story about Sony not seeking an iTunes for Hollywood. Previously, there had been reports about Sony exec Mike Arrieta's comments at the Digital Hollywood Conference that Sony would seek such a strategy.]

Sony Pictures Digital, of which Mike Arrieta is senior vice president, is engaged in the sales, licensing and distribution of Sony Pictures Entertainment in the digital marketplace, including casual games, mobile products, and movies.

Sony Pictures Digital is not building an aggregated service. Rather it is committed to making its content and digital products available to a number of emerging distribution outlets and platforms in this developing market.

Comments made and reported at the Digital Hollywood Conference were intended to state Sony Pictures continuing commitment to developing this market by embracing new technologies, understanding consumer interest and demand, and serving these interest through innovative business models.

Sony Pictures has historically demonstrated leadership in the digital Media world and the comments were intended to suggest that the company would continue to be a pioneer in these efforts. The report also contained a reference to establishing pricing, distribution and usage models.

The more accurate comment is that in these early days of these emerging markets, we across the digital industry have the opportunity to participate in such decisions rather than have others decide for us.

Regarding Connect, as we have said before, video is a logical progression of our strategy, but no specifics have been announced. Sony has not yet agreed to allow it's video clips to be repurposed or reused in mash up formats, but in response to the audience question I was trying to illustrate that it has been done with content owner support in audio and I would expect that video content owners might allow this in the future. I was not making a commitment on future Sony policy.