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Software 2007 Notes: Media Matters To Media . . . And Where Journalists End Up

I ran into Dan Fost, who has the media beat at the San Francisco Chronicle. What are you doing here I asked?

He said that Ben Pimentel, the reporter that covered software had left to work for Stanford University, so Dan was adding software to his beats.

I also ran into Peter Coffee, who was a well known columnist for many years in the computer trade press. He now works for Salesforce.com doing competitive research, and there are other former journalists at Salesforce too.

As our newspapers and magazines continue to shrink, the journalist exodus to other jobs will only increase.

So what do the PR agencies do? A significant piece of their business model is getting their clients in front of journalists and billing for any ink--digital or otherwise.

Dan wrote an amusing post on our encounter :-)

I bumped into blogger Tom Foremski, proprietor of Silicon Valley Watcher, at the Software 2007 conference in Santa Clara Monday. While we talked, he was keeping an eye on fellow tech journos Steve Gillmor and Dan Farber, as Gillmor was filming Farber.

Meta media moment 1!

Foremski, of course, had his own camera. He had a friend take a Bluetooth microphone over and stand near the other two, so he could pick up the sound while he watched through the video camera.

Meta 2!

The Technology Chronicles Software 2007 Meta media moments


Steve Gillmor interviews Dan Farber

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Posted by Tom Foremski on January 12, 2006 2:53 PM