17:52 PM

Software 2006 is coming; MBA tours; and the Ruckus Room

It's been a hectic week and it's not even half-over (and I'm backed up on my emails...)

I caught up with M.R. Rangaswami Monday, and M.R. is definitely in my top ten list of VCs. He also publishes one of the best darn enterprise software publications out there: Sandhill.com.

And he also puts together one of the best enterprise software conferences in Silicon Valley. This year's two-day conference: Software 2006 begins April 4 and promises to build on the momentum of the prior two conferences.

This year, Ray Lane (one of SVW's top people of 2005) is one of the keynote speakers. BTW, check out Ray Lane's freshly published column on Sandhill.com, called "The Innovate-Dominate Imperative."

I'll be writing more about M.R. and the software conference later this week.

. . .

It was also good to catch up with my friend Annie Kim, who used to work at RightNow Technologies, the CRM on-demand company. She is in the middle of her MBA studies at MIT.

This is one of the toughest business programs in the world and that's why its MBA graduates are among the most sought after by leading corporations. Annie and her classmates last week toured and met with many of the top Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Nvidia, and SAP's large, local organization.

Here is Therese Poletti's news story from the San Jose Mercury: Scouting out Silicon Valley.

. . .

Take a look at The Ruckus Room from Ruckus Wireless as a good example of a corporate blog with lots of the right bits. It is graphically simple, sophisticated, and clever. Plus it has some attitude; take a look at this post about Selena the ceo. (I've been promised an interview...if I suddenly disappear without trace you'll know where to ask questions first :-)

I give The Ruckus Room seven out of ten clicks in the corporate blog category.