06:22 AM

Socialbrite: Helping Non-Profits Master Social Tools For Social Change

Eight top experts have joined together to launch Socialbrite - an online resource for non-profits searching for consultants and media tools to help them take their message to new audiences.

"We're here to help nonprofits master the social Web to bring about meaningful social change," said J.D. Lasica, a consultant and author of four books about emerging technologies. "There's nothing else like this on the Web for nonprofits, social change organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and educators. Socialbrite's mission is to shine a light on the best practices, social tools and strategies that will benefit each of these important constituencies."

The Socialbrite team:

Beth Kanter, a longtime trainer and advisor to the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) and other organizations. Her upcoming book "The Networked Nonprofit" will provide a social media roadmap for nonprofits.

J.D. Lasica, a social media pioneer who co-founded Ourmedia.org, the first video hosting and sharing site. He advises both Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofits in social media strategies.

Katrin Verclas, co-founder and editor of MobileActive.org and past executive director of NTEN.

John Haydon, a consultant who advises small nonprofits, small businesses and social entrepreneurs on social marketing strategies.

Amy Sample Ward, a strategist who supports and educates clients in the nonprofit and social change sectors.

Ken Banks, who is using mobile technology to foster positive social and environmental change in the developing world, particularly in Africa.

Sloane Berrent, a cause-based marketing consultant who works with nonprofits and social cause organizations. She is currently a Kiva fellow serving a three-month tour in a rural section of the Philippines.

Carla A. Schlemminger, a strategic marketing communications professional who integrates best practices in branding, PR and social media.

Some of Socialbrite's resources include:

- A directory of Web 2.0 Productivity Tools.

- A Social Media Glossary that offers a deep, friendly introduction to dozens of social media terms in plain English.

- A first-of-its-kind Twitter widget that tracks tweets about nonprofits or social causes in real time.

- A Free Photos Directory, Free Video Directory and Free Music Directory that offers nonprofits, cause organizations and Web publishers a guide to hundreds of online resources for adding legal, high-quality content to their own Web sites, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, printed materials or online presentations.

More information: Socialbrite