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Social Media Week Notes..."Real-Time Data Is Like A Fish Finder"

There are lot of events this week around various topics in social media. Yesterday I caught part of the Social Media Camp in the Presidio. It was organized by Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells with help from Rebecca Reeve and many others.

I caught an interesting panel moderated by Jolie O'Dell, Read/Write Web, that included Brian Zisk, from Collecta. Brian is one of my favorite entrepreneurs, he has great insights into real-time data and why it matters. Also on the panel was Jeremy Toeman, Stage Two Consulting. Jeremy does PR for interesting companies such as Boxee.

Here are a few notes:

Brian Zisk:

- Real-time data is like a fish finder, you can see the data that's there. Then you can decide what to do with that data, whether you should respond in real-time, or wait. It gives you new opportunities.

- If your stuff stinks then no amount of quick responses to people's complaints will help you.

- Twitter will continue to be important in the future but people won't be talking about it all the time. We just got the MySpace feed and there are five times as many postings on MySpace as on Twitter. You don't have people running around talking about MySpace all the time.

Jeremy Toeman:

- You don't need to react in real-time to people's complaints but you should be aware of them in real-time. Sometimes it is best to wait a while.

- If Twitter hadn't happened we would not be talking about the real-time web this soon. If Twitter hadn't managed to engage a small number of key people at South By SouthWest more than 2 years ago, it might not have been successful -- the real-time web might have been delayed by a couple of years.

Jolie O'Dell:

- Don't erase unfavorable comments, it is best to leave them up. Often others will come to your defense without you needing to engage.

- Do not use the comment thread as a channel for your customer service. Tell them to call you or direct them elsewhere.

There's plenty more social media wisdom all week. I'm on a panel Thursday evening: Innovation Through Real-Time Feedback Loops.

San Francisco -- Social Media Week