07:26 AM

Social Media Marketing 2010: Thursday - I'll Be There...

Social Media Marketing 2010 conference is normally a UK event but this year it is in San Francisco, tomorrow (Thursday) at Hotel Nikko. More details here.

I'll be on this panel:

Insider Look: How Tech Writers Cover Social Media

Panelists: Jon Swartz - USA Today, David Gelles - Financial Times, Tom Foremski - Silicon Valley Watcher

Technology writers have become some of the most respected authorities in social media. Their media coverage has dramatically influenced the way we both consume and create media. Take a peek behind their lens and hear it directly from the tech press: How and why do they cover social media stories? What impacts do their musings have? How do they manage flare-ups, shake downs, and accusations? What can non-professionals such as casual bloggers learn from tech writers?

There are lots more panels such as:

The Press Talks: How to get PR for your Startup

Panelists: Kym McNicholas - Forbes, Ben Parr - Mashable, Joe Vazquez - CBS 5, Sarah Austin - Pop17

One of the biggest challenges for startups is getting noticed by their target audiences, and on a limited budget. Before startups can successfully compete for the attention of major press outlets and blogs, however, they can follow guidelines to ensure their "news" is newsworthy, and understand how to talk to the press. Hear tips from some of social media's biggest voices: members of the press who get pitched on stories hundreds of times per day. If there was ever an unwritten manual on how to get PR for your startup, this panel would be it.

How to Build Communities for Brands

Panelists: Chris Heuer - Social Media Club, Richard Jalichandra - Technorati, Lawrence Coburn - RateItAll and DoubleDutch, Vinnie Lauria - Lefora and SV NewTech Meetup

Social networks and blogs offer new opportunities to activate brand enthusiasm for places, services, products, and experiences. Hear how the top community builders grow, cultivate, and retain communities and the voices contained within them. Topics covered include user outreach and engagement, user incentives and prizes, user psychology, the role of the community manager, listening and responding to your community, the new opportunity in geo-social networks, and SEO and other distribution methods. Lastly, hear tips on how to create a brand persona that connects with your target audience.

Creating Evangelists via Social Media

Panelists: Justin Kestelyn - Oracle, Aaron Strout - Powered.com, Jennifer Neeley Lindsay - BlogTalkRadio

Social media techniques, when used appropriately as a regular business process and in combination with traditional marketing, can super-charge the enthusiasm of your user community - leading to impressive business benefits. The foundation of a solid social media strategy is built upon the connections that are made between people who represent companies and the people in their markets of interest. Learn how evangelists for your company or brand can be manufactured, from both inside your company and from your external customer base, using social media.