03:06 AM

Social Design: Quirky's Cradle For IPad

Quirky is an online store that specializes in community designed products. It's latest is the Cradle, a laptop desk designed to be used with Apple iPads. It took about a week to design and it is the 39th product designed and developed by the Quirky community.

The Cradle's minimalist bent design is constructed of sustainable bamboo Plywood also known as Plyboo. It has an integrated circular plate, made from matte, soft-touch plastic, that allows you to rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape views. The underside of the desk is lined with a foam cushion with woven covering that rests on your lap for added comfort. The compact Cradle measures 21in wide x 4in tall x 13in deep x 1/4in thick.

Popular Quirky products include:

the Cloak, a sleek, sturdy iPad case;the DigiDude, a portable camera tripod and keychain; the Scratch-n-Scroll, a mousepad with a writing surface; and the PowerCurl, a cord wrap for Apple's MagSafe power adapter.

The community choses one product to develop every week, and part of the sales go back to those involved in creating and promoting the product.