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Social By Design Launches Marketing Lab For 'Behavioral Design'

Guest Post: The marketing consultancy Social By Design is charting new territory with a novel service that allows clients to experiment with a variety of strategies before launching a large campaign. It's based on methodology developed at Stanford University. Giovanni Rodriguez and Toby Chaudhuri explain:

2013: The Year Social Science Meets Social Engagement


The second half of 2012 - our maiden voyage as a new consulting firm -- was heady, humbling, and at times heart-stopping. We were fortunate enough to work with both the White House and the DNC, and a few of Silicon Valley's coolest startups.

Most important, we met with scores of businesses, NGOs, and government agencies that are all looking to change the way they enter new markets, engage their constituents, and grow.

If 2012 was intense, we expect 2013 to be even bigger, more challenging, and more rewarding for everyone in the SocialxDesign ecosystem.

To help channel all the energy and support we are getting, we've decided to launch a new service to help companies get started on the path to market engagement: the SocialxDesign Innovation Lab.

An intensive social strategy development program, the Lab enables our clients to rapidly develop, test, and vet social tech solutions and messaging platforms using a unique method called "behavior design." Inspired by the work of researchers at Stanford, the SocialxDesign Innovation Lab provides clients with a fast and practical approach to growing their market presence by empowering the people they serve -- customers, citizens, and partners.

We are working with several consultants trained at Stanford, and have begun conversations with a wide range of organizations eager to work with us. First up: Mondelez International (Nasdaq: MDLZ), formerly Kraft Foods Inc.

If you are not familiar with the name Mondelez, we're sure you know their brands, which include Cadbury, Trident, and, yes, Oreos, which made a big splash during the power outage at the recent Super Bowl.

With New York-based innovation firm Prehype, we're also hosting a spring workshop for Mobile Futures, a Mondelez incubator that's focused on identifying, testing, and marketing mobile applications by teaming its power brands with select startups.

In the end, the Lab represents just one way for organizations to get started on social. It enables them to rapidly develop and test -- a step that too many organizations skip, at their peril their ideas with real human beings.

In the world of social, the human element, of course, matters. The Lab is our way of helping clients get to where they need to be, both quickly and with confidence.

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Learn more about the lab here.

Social By Design is funded by Eastwick Communications.

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