18:23 PM

So long SiliconBeat, long live VentureBeat - another journalist goes blogger independent

 Matt Marshall is joining the trend of leading journalists leaving to become independent journalists (I did that 2 years ago...). The San Jose Mercury reporter, writer of SiliconBeat, is leaving his employer at the end of this week.

He will be doing pretty much the same job--reporting on the Silicon Valley venture capital sector. But now he's the boss... :-)

Matt writes:

This will be a place only about private companies, the technology they are pushing — and the shenanigans they face as they launch from a seed idea, get funding (if they need it) and either flame out or join the ranks of sustainable companies. While readership counts, and is valuable for advertising (which pays my bills), quality is paramount: I’d rather have a core of very interested, loyal readers, than a wider, promiscuous one.

No sense in turning away  "promiscuous" readers... :-) But I know what you are saying Matt, and you are dead-on. That's why I don't optimize for search engines--let them do that, that's their job. I optimize for the reader.

Link to VentureBeat » VentureBeat Launches