07:26 AM

Skinny applications have a bright future

By Tom Foremski, for Silicon Valley Watcher

There is a new class of software emerging from companies such as Jotspot and Socialtext. The software enables custom applications to be created for small numbers of users, through a simple interface.

This class of software is sometimes referred to as roll-your-own or do-it-yourself software. Although they convey a meaning--they aren't that good because of the other connotations they invoke.

When I met with Joe Kraus, co-founder of Jotspot, before the holidays, he said it would be good to have a different term. And so here is my suggestion: skinny apps. Just skin it!

The reason is that there is an application layer or "skin" on top of a database. I've floated the idea over on ZDNet if you want to take a look at whether it floats or sinks in IT circles.

Or let me know if you have other suggestions.