23:55 PM

Silicon Valley Watcher wins excellence in media award: Best Bay Area Blog

Pubby-Award.jpgPlease excuse a few moments of horn blowing and a little crowing, but Silicon Valley Watcher has won the Best Bay Area Blog Award from the prestigious San Francisco Bay Area Publicity Club!

I met some of the members of the club earlier this year when I spoke at one of the organization's lunchtime events, organized by Ellisa Feinstein and colleagues. Don Clarke from the WSJ was there too, as well as editors from Wired and Cnet. And the Q&A afterwards was one of the best.

Thank you all and my apologies for not being able to accept the "Pubby" in person. I had already promised to be in New York at NYU on a panel with Joe Trippi at the Impact '05 conference. Otherwise I would have loved to have been there.

Here is some info on the awards:

The San Francisco Bay Area Publicity Club, a non-profit network of public relations professionals, announced today the nominees for the 9th Annual Pubby Awards. The "Pubby" award signifies excellence in media in 2005.

Nominees for the Pubby Awards are elected by the Club's Board of Directors and winners are chosen by ballot by current members of the Publicity Club. www.sfpublicityclub.org or by calling (415) 437-4440.