04:31 PM

Silicon Valley Watcher eclipses WSJ's top columnist Walt Mossberg in PR turnout

By A. Tom

The decline of old media was made startlingly evident Tuesday as Silicon Valley Watcher drew a much larger crowd of PR professionals than the Wall Street Journal's top media brand: Walt Mossberg.

Tom Foremski, the publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher, was the featured guest on Sam Whitmore's Media Survey weekly teleconference. The popular Media Survey teleconference allows PR professionals in locations around the US, to listen and ask questions of top journalists, such as Walt Mossberg.

But huge interest in blogging and the new media pushed the number of listeners to the Silicon Valley Watcher interview to a record 42 PR offices. That compared with 34 PR offices joining the Walt Mossberg teleconference.

"Silicon Valley Watcher has hit a new record," said Sam Whitmore.

Andrew Orlowski the pugnacious US editor of The Register--the popular tabloid-style UK based tech news site--is the featured guest on the Media Survey teleconference next week.

Here is a link to the podcast of the Silicon Valley Watcher interview with Sam Whitmore and Tom Foremski, broadcast from the offices of Outcast Communications in San Francisco.

SWMS Tech Media This Week Podcast: Jan. 18, 2006