04:24 AM

Silicon Valley Wages Have Still Not Recovered From Dotcom Dotbomb

It's nearly ten years since the dotcom bubble became a dotbomb, leading to tens of thousands of lost jobs, lost wealth, and lost dreams.

It's been a long, slow recovery. Which is probably good compared to the volatility of the late 1990s. But wages still haven't recovered.

The San Jose Mercury reports on the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers. Silicon Valley tech workers had rough decade

Wages in 11 high-tech industries averaged $120,000 in 2000, when investors' money was raining on the valley and competition for workers was fierce. By 2002, in the depths of the crash, average wages sank to $87,300, but by mid-2009, they had recovered to $105,500.

The Merc always puts together some great graphics: