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Silicon Valley News Links

I've been experimenting with a sister site, Silicon Valley Newswire. I get sent a lot of information. Some of it I follow up with interviews and write stories for Silicon Valley Watcher. But there is a lot that I don't have time to cover and it usually it goes to waste. But sometimes the information can be interesting enough on its own.

What I've done is color-coded the content to identify the source. If it is in black type, it is written by me. If it is in red, the content is directly quoted by the person or company that sent it to me. If it is in green, then I have a money relationship with that source or the content was included for a fee (no green content yet). If it is in brown then I might be brown nosing :)

Hopefully this provides some transparency and the reader is better able to judge the content by knowing the source and my motivation. Please let me know if you think there is value in this approach.

Here are some news links:

How do CIOs make smart IT investments?

Boom not gloom: Vindicia predicts profitability from online billing services

If a company is growing, it is probably hiring too. Privately held Vindicia says 2009 revenues will double this year to as much as $8m and make it profitable.

Microsoft search grows in January

Nielsen Online reported the January search rankings.

Hitwise says Google Maps almost catches MapQuest traffic

MapQuest is still the market leader for online maps but Google Maps recently came very close to snatching the lead.

Big telcos say Stimulus Bill would discourage private broadband investment

Scott Cleland says the wording in the Stimulus Bill concerning building broadband infrastructure could harm private investment in Internet infrastructure.

Helping newspapers make money: Trulia and Washington Post

Newspaper companies these days need to make money from many revenue streams.

Boom amid the gloom: Solar power monitoring market boosts Energy Recommerce

There’s a lot of technology needed for getting the most out of solar energy.

How vulnerable is the media to cyber attacks?

It’s a question that The Security Economics Institute of the Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum is trying to answer.

Girls in Tech Incubator presents Circle of Moms co-founder

Adriana Gascoigne, founder of Girls in Tech, says that Ephraim Luft, co-founder and CEO of Circle of Moms will be sharing his experience in building a successful social network, on February 25 in San Francisco.

Free strategy help for entrepreneurs…

Entrepreneurs are at the heart of Silicon Valley and they will be important in reviving the global economy. It’s tough running a business. Sramana Mitra is offering free help.

Cleantech Forum coming up in San Francisco

Cleantech ventures have been getting a lot of funding in Silicon Valley.

BuddyMob social app for Android

Christophe Hocquet writes to tell me about BuddyMob, a highly social application for Google Android mobile phones.