05:25 AM

Silicon Valley Judges Select Australian Shootout Winner: Solar-Gem

It's Australia Week and 8 Australian startups are in SIlicon Valley this week. They particiapted in an "Innovation Shootout" at the Microsoft Research Campus this morning.

The following companies made a quick presentation and were judged by:

Chaired by Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Service. Judges included Deborah Magid, director of software strategy at IBM Venture Capital Group; Allison Leopold Tilley, partner at Pillsbury; Chris Shipley, chairman and CEO of Guidewire Group and former executive producer of the DEMO Conference; and Prashant Shah, managing director of VC firm Hummer Winblad.

• Digisensory (http://digisensory.com/), provider of an end-to-end security and surveillance solution that combines smart imaging devices with a Web-based, real-time distributed intelligence system
• Intelliguard (http://www.intelliguardit.net/), a provider of DDoS protection for online enterprises and Internet service providers
• Mid-Comp International (http://www.midcomp.com.au/), a supply chain management infrastructure provider
• MultiTrode (http://www.multitrode.com/), a specialist in lift station control and monitoring for water and wastewater facilities around the world
• Solar-Gem (http://www.solar-gem.asia/solargem/), a creator of affordable off-grid energy based on clean solar technologies
• Synengco (http://www.synengco.com/), a provider of technology that helps companies assess and reduce their greenhouse gas and other emissions
• Zarloc (http://www.rosterwithross.com), provider of The ROSS System, a Web-based rostering and workforce management solution for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchises

The winner was Solar-Gem - and the prize: $40,000 in legal, financial, and marketing consulting. More information here.