18:49 PM

Silicon Valley Is More Social But With Shorter Attention Spans

A pitch is really important in Silicon Valley, not just for raising VC money but in communicating ideas, opinions, and who you are. It's even more important these days because it is a much more social place.

Pitch.jpgSilicon Valley has many evening party events and salons compared with five years ago. It's an engaging social world but one with a short attention span. People suffer from ADD more than ever these days, online and offline.

That's why everybody needs to master a sub-minute pitch, a Silicon Valley minute, and have several ready for some basic questions. It's handy to have a package of Silicon Valley minutes - who are you, do you have a great idea, do you have an opinion? Do you have a company pitch?

You can always follow up with a longer conversation but its great to be able to communicate clearly and briefly with people you meet.

I've set up Silicon Valley Minute a web site collecting short video pitches, from companies, book authors, people with ideas, opinions.

Most of the Silicon Valley Minutes will be company pitches because they are the most valuable-and difficult to do well. But all other types of Silicon Valley Minutes are welcome.

Take a look and send me a Silicon Valley Minute - I'll post it!

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