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Silicon Valley History: New Insights Into Steve jobs Approach To Life And Work

The Silicon Valley Historical Association has created a one hour documentary focused on Steve Jobs and features a 1994 unscripted interview with the Apple co-founder. It includes commentary from:

John Warnock (founder, Adobe)
Chuck Geschke (founder, Adobe)
Larry Ellison (founder, Oracle)
Mike Markkula (founder, Apple)
Steve Wozniak (founder, Apple)
Nolan Bushnell (founder, Atari)
Scott McNealy (founder, Sun Microsystems)
Vinod Khosla (founder, Sun Microsystems)
Scott Cook, (founder, Intuit)
Jim Clark (founder, Silicon Graphics, Netscape & Healtheon)
Kevin Surace (founder, Serious Energy)
and others...

The trailer for "Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneuris above, it's available for purchase here: Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur

This enlightening one-hour program stars Steve Jobs from an exclusive 1994, unscripted interview by the Silicon Valley Historical Association where he gives advice to potential entrepreneurs. Jobs discusses risk, failure, his own experiences, and learning the value of creating your own environment.