01:19 AM

Silicon Valley Comes To Paris...

I'm spending much of this week in Paris, visiting Pearltrees (Pearltrees is an SVW client) and attending Le Web, Europe's largest startup conference organized by Loic Le Meur and his team.

Paris is wet, cold and snowy but other than that it feels very familiar largely because I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces: Robert Scoble, Brian Solis, Marissa Mayer, Mike Arrington, and many other Silicon Valley based personalities and executives.

The conference covers familiar territories and the European attendees are also very familiar in that they are interested in the same topics that interest Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: how to build a startup into healthy and self-sustaining businesses.

You can watch the conference live here: http://www.ustream.tv/leweb.

It is interesting that Le Web gives away the live feed for free. This shows that the real value is in what happens in and around the conference rather than the conference itself - you have to be here to get the true value of Le Web.

A good way to grab a taste of Le Web is to look at what people are tweeting. Here is a collection of Tweets in Pearltrees format for fast browsing:

Cool tweets @ LeWeb10
I've also been using the new team feature of Pearltrees to curate the Le Web conference. You can join in too... even from California!

Here is the 'Team' Pearltree:

What's happening at LeWeb?