06:05 AM

Silicon Valley blogger shock admission: "I don’t read blogs…"

by Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

I sometimes joke that I don’t read blogs, not even my own, because I’m too busy running around interviewing and meeting with an incredible array of people, so that we can publish original content: scoops, interviews, columns—exclusive content that you can only get here.

Scoops and exclusive content build readership better than anything else. And you can’t just buy a scoop, you have to get it by good old-fashioned journalism which means hitting the streets. We’ve been having quite a good run of scoops and exclusives lately, and our readership has grown tremendously.

And it is our readers that we have to thank, because they are our distribution system, they are our evangelists, they share our content with their peers.

This is one of the many incredible things about blogging—your readers control your distribution. If you offer something of value, your audience will find you and promote you and distribute you. It is a democratization of content. Value will rise to the top and BS will/should sink to the bottom.