14:23 PM

Silicon Valley = Media Valley: The MashUp of technology and Media

Silicon Valley is rapidly transforming into media valley because our top companies are publishing pages of content with advertising around it: GOOG, YHOO, EBAY and a host of Web 2.0 companies such as FaceBook, are all media companies harvesting content as inexpensively as possible. . . and selling it with advertising draped around it.

Silicon Valley produces media technologies

Nearly all of the emerging technologies that now emerge out of Silicon Valley are media technologies, they enable the two way publishing of data and information, such as RSS, (which should stand for Relationships Simply Syndicated).

Every company is a media company

The interesting point, in this Internet 2.0 phase, is that now: every company is a media company, even if it produces steel or teddy bears. This is something which I've written about for nearly three years. Because every company publishes all the time, to its customers, to its staff, to its markets, to its future hires.

If a company cannot efficiently use these two-way media technologies it will not survive.

Where was the Internet 1.0 disruption?

Here is my math: Internet 1.0 was a very disruptive technology. But we didn't realize that it was a media technology and that is where we saw the disruption, in the media sector, in my industry.

Newspapers such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury... saw multiple years of declining revenues, and layoffs. That's because the Internet is a disruptive media technology and so that is precisely where we saw the disruption, in the media sector not the broad technology sector.

A Media Hammer...

Now, as we move into Internet 2.0 (...not Web 2.0... that is so 1.5), every company is a media company, even if it makes steel or teddy bears.

Now, every company faces the same disruptive forces that are decimating the media industries because every company has to publish to its many different communities. Every company is a media company.

This means that the disruptive forces of technology are broader now than ever before.